The varied façades of Tewkesbury’s historic town centre tell the stories of its people, past and present, and are its witness to the events of the last 500 or more years.

Protecting this irreplaceable story is as important for the future as it is now. The face of Tewkesbury is its passport to attracting investment and visitors, to enriching the lives of its citizens and it is truly special.

Following the Community Street Audit in summer 2022 a range of projects, based on feedback from the community, which will enhance the public spaces in Tewkesbury town centre are planned.  New riverside railings at St. Mary’s Road and Prior’s Court, a public drinking water fountain in Spring Gardens car park and repairs to the wall at the Back of Avon moorings have already been delivered. Work is underway on plans for other enhancements, e.g. to improve pedestrian wayfinding and replace litter bins.

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