Tewkesbury Borough Council conservation officers carried out a condition survey with Historic England and the Civic Society of buildings in the town centre. From this, a list of buildings most in need of improvement was developed and these are the buildings which are eligible to apply for a grant.

If you are the tenant, building owner or custodian of one of the properties on the list and would like to register you interest in applying for a grant to help with up to 75% of the cost of improvement works, then you can register your interest using our expression of interest form.

To understand exactly how the scheme works and the type of works which would be eligible for grant funding, please read the Grant Scheme Guidance document.

Applications can only be taken for properties on the approved list. Because funding is limited, the creation of an approved list is designed to ensure that funding goes to those buildings whose improvement would represent a major enhancement to the town centre.

Don’t delay apply while funds last. Final date for applying for a grant: Friday, 1 September 2023.

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