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Allotment sites

We manage two allotment sites situated in Staverton and Priors Park which together provide 29 plots for residents. Both sites are managed by our property services team.

An allotment is a piece of land you can rent to grow your own fruit and vegetables.

You might want an allotment to:

  • Put fresh, tasty produce on your plate.
  • Teach children about growing food.
  • Enjoy being out in the fresh air.
  • Get fit doing some digging.
  • Reduce food miles.
  • Grow organically.

You can apply for an allotment plot by sending your name, address and contact details to our team. We will contact you when you reach the top of the waiting list to offer you the next available plot.

Please be aware that demand is high and it may take several months or even years before a plot becomes available depending on the site you have applied for.

Lancaster Road, Priors Park, Tewkesbury

  • Number of plots: 21
  • Annual charge: £35
  • Current waiting list: 28
  • Location: Access off public footpath from Coventry Close

St Clairs Cottages, Staverton

  • Number of plots: 9
  • Annual charge: £35
  • Current waiting list: 30
  • Location: Access off public footpath from St Clairs Cottages