From Monday, 4 April our crews will begin to deliver the new bin collection calendars to each property in the borough.

Did you know your calendar is always available online in our handy collections look-up:…

To find out when your bins will be emptied over the Bank Holidays, the Queens Jubilee and Christmas why not take a look here:

Here are some important points to remember about waste and recycling:

  • Only one green bin per household (you can buy another if you have more than 5 people)

  • Please only recycling the right items and always check these pages in you’re not sure. We don’t empty contaminated bins

  • Do not store your bins on the highway or pavement in between collections. The can be an obstacle to pedestrians and recycling bins are often contaminated with litter

  • Bins need to be out by 7am on collection day then brought back in afterwards

  • We love recycling – please recycle as much as possible and only use your refuse bin as a last resort for anything we can’t recycle

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