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Grounds maintenance

Tewkesbury Borough Council undertake maintenance on the land we own throughout the year.

Depending on the season, this broadly falls into two categories – grass cutting and winter works.

All work is carried out on our behalf by our contractor Ubico.

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Grass cutting

We undertake grass cutting on land owned by Tewkesbury Borough Council throughout the growing season. Depending on the weather conditions, this usually starts in early spring and continues through to the autumn. Along with cutting our own land, we also cut some areas on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council around our borough.

We currently cut all our land on an approximately four-week cycle however this can alter due to weather conditions or mechanical breakdown.

The quality of the grass cutting is monitored by officers from Tewkesbury Borough Council.

Please note, we do not cut grass that is privately owned.

If you would like to report an issue with the grass cutting, please report a problem using our self-service portal by clicking the button below. If the area that you wish to report shows as not being maintained by us, it is likely to be maintained by Gloucestershire County Council Highways or local parish or town council.

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Winter works

During our winter works period we complete various maintenance activities including hedge cutting, land clearance and tree works. We carry out this type of work on our own land and do not maintain Gloucestershire County Council land.

During bird nesting season, March through to September, we only carry out urgent work on hedges and trees, with routine work being completed during our winter works period.

If you would like to report an area to us, please do so using our self-service portal by clicking the button below.

Report issues with trees and hedges