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Tewkesbury Borough Council is working in partnership with community venues to deliver Warm Spaces this autumn and winter.

We aim to work with our community venues encouraging and enabling the set up of Warm Spaces to provide a space for communities to stay warm and socialise this autumn and winter.

A Warm Space

A Warm Space is a free, warm, welcoming, and safe place, which all members of the community can access. You do not need to identify your venue as a Warm Space by name as we understand this can cause some stigma. Warm Spaces should be open to everyone in the community.

Our Warm Spaces directory

We are creating a directory of Warm Spaces across the Borough which will be available to view on our directory page. Our directory will give people access to venue location, opening times, any activities and/or food provision taking place, and contact details. Venues can also register themselves as a Warm Space, when they do, they will also appear within our directory.*

*You do not have to be a community venue to register as a Warm Space. Only non-profit community venues will be eligible for our funding.

Our Warm Spaces charter

Warm Spaces must:

  • Be free
  • Be heated
  • Offer a warm welcome
  • Treat people equally and with dignity and respect
  • Provide a safe space
  • Be non-judgemental
  • Abide by their usual safeguarding policies and hygiene rules


Tewkesbury Borough Council is providing funding opportunities to community venues wishing to open up as a Warm Space this autumn and winter. To find out more visit Warm Spaces Community Fund.

Further information

You can also visit our cost of living webpage which will provide further information and support on the cost of living.