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Grant guidelines

Please read the following guidance notes carefully before completing the application form.

Grants will support activities which focus on:

  • Improved physical and mental wellbeing
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles
  • Building strong communities for the future

Projects addressing the following areas are a priority for this grant programme:

  • Encouraging people to take part in community activities which improve mental and physical wellbeing
  • Improving community spaces to encourage wider participation in community activities
  • Creating or enhancing outdoor community spaces to enable the provision of activities that aim to improve mental and physical health and/or wellbeing

Who can apply

Not-for-profit organisations working with communities in Tewkesbury Borough – this includes registered charities, town/parish councils, CICs & social enterprises, constituted community groups* (including faith groups, sports clubs, social groups).*

*Community groups need to have a written constitution and hold a bank account in the group’s name.
*Individual beneficiaries are not eligible to apply to this scheme

The costs a grant will support

A grant can cover most costs associated with your project but typically these include equipment & resources, publicity & marketing, training costs, venue hire, costs associated with IT.

How much?

  • Up to £1,000 for registered charities, town/parish councils, constituted community groups, CICs & social enterprises

You will need to provide a full breakdown of costs in relation to the amount you are requesting. Maximum grants of £1,000 will only be awarded where the applicant can demonstrate a significant community impact.

Terms of grant

Grants should be spent within six months of receiving the award. We do require that you let us know when the grant has been spent with a short update on how the project was delivered. We welcome photos, videos, and feedback from beneficiaries.

Repeat applications

If you received a grant from Tewkesbury Borough Council’s Covid-19 Community Fund, you must ensure you have returned your feedback form before applying to this fund.

If you have already applied for this grant and been unsuccessful, you may reapply for a different project.

If you have already applied and been successful, you are not able to reapply for this fund.

Application process

Please complete the online application form at the bottom of this page. The form cannot be saved once started so you may want to check the questions in the sample application form to ensure you have all the correct information to hand.

Although we want the application process to be as simple as possible, please do include enough detail in your application to help us understand how your project meets the grant criteria above.

All applications will be required to attach a copy of their safeguarding policy as part of their application. If your safeguarding policy is listed in another document, such as a written constitution, please attach this instead. You will be able to attach a copy of your safeguarding policy at the end of the application form.

Applications are reviewed every 3-4 weeks.

Please contact if you require any further information regarding the eligibility criteria or need support with completing the form.

Examples of potential Health and Wellbeing Grants:

  • Parish Council – a village bench to encourage older residents to take a stroll
  • Youth football team – new goal posts
  • Church youth group – outdoor activities for your people during the summer holidays
  • Hockey club – new equipment to accommodate increased demand
  • Community garden – plants and equipment to improve the community space
  • Community singing group – venue hire
  • Cake decorating club – venue hire and equipment
  • Tennis club – new equipment to encourage participation
  • Community allotment – costs associated with improving pathways
  • Nature reserve – local artist outdoor workshops and storytelling

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