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Carbon footprint

One thing you can do straightaway, is to look at your carbon footprint

WWF Footprint Calculator

Many of your carbon emissions will be from the way you heat your home, how you travel, what you eat and drink and the amount of waste you produce.


Severn Wye Energy Agency have produced a 101 tops tips to save you energy and money such as:

  • Set your heating to turn off a short time before you go to bed or leave the house.
  • A thick curtain behind the front door can stop heat escaping.
  • Try to reduce your shower time by 30- 60 seconds. It’s easy to zone out in the shower, but long showers use a lot of energy.
  • Make sure all the lights throughout your home are LED.

If you find yourself struggling to pay the electricity, gas or heating bills contact the Warm and Well service managed by Severn Wye Energy Agency on behalf of the seven local authorities in South Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire.

Warm and Well offers energy efficiency advice to householders and also administers grant funding to eligible households.

Home – Warm and Well – 0800 500 3076

Renewable technology

Installing renewable energy generation, such as solar panels, in your home will cut your energy bills and your carbon footprint. You can find out more information on renewable technology from the Energy Saving Trust.


Here are some of our top tips:

Food waste – For great ideas on using up leftovers and more, visit the Love Food Hate Waste website  – Love Food Hate Waste

Some food waste, such as vegetable peelings can be composted at home. Creating your own compost reduces the amount of food sent for recycling and puts nutrients back into your soil. Find out how you can buy subsidised compost bins here Get Composting Composters & Water Butts

Need composting advice, a county-wide team of volunteer Master Composters can help Master composters – Gloucestershire Recycles

Textiles – Don’t want to throw it away but don’t know much about repair? Check out Love Your Clothes

You can also take textiles (and much more) to one of the three Repair Cafes within the Borough. Repair Cafes – Gloucestershire Recycles

Real Nappies – Residents can get discounted ‘real’ (reusable) nappies or a £30 voucher towards the cost

Other ways to reduce waste – The Gloucestershire Recycles website is packed full of inspiration Reduce your waste – Gloucestershire Recycles

Recycling – Find out what you can recycle at home – Waste and recycling — Tewkesbury Borough Council


Electric Vehicles can help cut your carbon footprint and can save money if the cost of electricity for charging is lower than the cost of petrol or diesel.

Help for Businesses

Grant funding for Tewkesbury’s small and medium size businesses to save energy.

The Gloucestershire Target 2030 business energy efficiency programme, run by Severn Wye Energy Agency and funded by the European Regional Development Fund, is now in its final months.

Businesses can get free support with an energy survey, report and recommendations to help them make energy-saving improvements. Target 2030 also offers 30% grant funding to cover the cost of buying and installing carbon-saving upgrades to business premises.

To date the project has supported over 300 Gloucestershire businesses and delivered over £1.5m of grant funding – but the money and time is running out.

Sign up to benefit today at