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A statement on the war in Ukraine from councillor Andrew Reece, the Worshipful Mayor of the Borough of Tewkesbury, on behalf of all members of Tewkesbury Borough Council.

Elected members of Tewkesbury Borough Council condemn Russia’s brutal, unprovoked invasion of the democratic, sovereign nation of Ukraine. We support democracy, sovereignty, the rule of law and the rights of individuals, which must always prevail against violence and oppression.

Our thoughts are with all Ukrainian people in dealing with this terrible ordeal, and this council is focused on taking the practical actions available to support Ukrainian refugees who have been offered places to stay in our borough. It’s also important to confirm that this council has no direct financial links with Russia, either investments or purchases, in particular energy.

Together with the people from our communities who have kindly offered accommodation to Ukrainian guests, we will seek to ensure that they receive the warmest possible Gloucestershire welcome.

Andrew Reece
Mayor of the Borough of Tewkesbury


If you would like to help support Ukrainian residents and anyone with friends and family affected by events in Ukraine, some helpful links are below.