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Condition discharge applications

There are often conditions attached to planning permissions that need further details, for example, samples of materials. This additional information must be submitted to us for formal agreement – known as ‘discharge of conditions’.

You should allow plenty of time for your condition discharge submissions to be considered and approved (discharged) by us. It’s important you know where there may be long lead-in times during your development, for example when you need to order materials or engage a contractor for works arising from the specific conditions outlined and allow for this in your development planning.

Applications with multiple conditions to be discharged

If a condition discharge application includes multiple conditions to be discharged, the formal decision will only be issued when all the conditions subject of the application have been approved. If an applicant requires a formal decision prior to all conditions being approved, the only option will be to amend the application to remove the conditions that have yet to be approved or to issue a split decision, discharging those conditions that can be approved and refusing the remainder.

Therefore, applicants are encouraged to apply for a single condition at a time to be discharged.

Part discharge of condition(s) only to be used where an applicant has applied for part of condition to be discharged.

Applications for multiple conditions to be discharged at the same time will need to complete the condition discharge information form.

How to apply

Applications to discharge conditions can be submitted online via the planning portal.

Alternatively, forms can be downloaded from the planning portal and emailed to

Fees can be paid via our website.

Planning appeals

The applicant has a right of appeal to the planning inspectorate if:

  • No decision has been reached on the application within the statutory eight week period (and no extension of time has been agreed)
  • The application is refused
  • You do not agree with one or more of the conditions on an approval

The planning inspectorate provides information on making an appeal.

Please note that there is no right of appeal for interested people or organisations and other ‘third parties’.