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Do I need planning permission?

The planning portal is a service that helps establish whether or not you need planning permission for your development. We recommend that you visit the website before contacting us.

Some extensions and other building work can be carried out without planning permission which is known as permitted development. To find out more about particular projects you can explore the planning portal’s projects page, which has an interactive house to help you understand if planning permission is required or not. The technical guidance for permitted development rights for householders may also be useful.

Pre-application planning advice

The pre-application advice service gives you the opportunity to seek advice before submitting a formal application.  We charge for this service but it has many benefits, as listed in our information booklet, where you can also find a copy of the charges. To apply, please complete the pre-application advice form and email to

Please note that effective from April 2021, Gloucestershire county council charge for planning pre-application advice. This requires a separate fee payable directly to the county council. Further details and arrangements for payment of fees are available here.


If you are an applicant or agent acting on behalf of an applicant, we would like to hear your feedback about the pre-application advice service you have received.  Please complete this quick questionnaire to help the council provide a quality planning service:

Planning pre-app questionnaire — Tewkesbury Borough Council

Duty planning advice service

We can provide free general guidance on schemes that fall under the following criteria:

  • Householder development – extensions and alterations to single dwellings and other householder applications (such as garages, sheds or fences for example).
  • Advertisements
  • Pre-submission checks of householder applications (check whether the correct information has been submitted – drawings to scale etc.).
  • Householder permitted development enquiries (N.B a written response will not be provided – should you require written confirmation as to whether planning permission is required for any proposed development, you will be required to submit a lawful development certificate).
  • Validation requirements and confirmation of constraints on a particular site.

The duty service runs every Thursday, is a phone service and by appointment only.

To request an appointment please complete the our duty planner request form and email completed forms to Please note that this service is not for agents, agents are encouraged to submit a pre-application advice request.

Building regulations

Building regulations and town and country planning are completely separate.

Planning permission is required before you can start construction. Building control oversee the construction work when it is being carried out to ensure that the building work complies with the building regulations, a set of standards intended to protect people’s safety, health and welfare in and around built environments.

Most extensions and alterations require a building regulation application. Further information can be found on Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Building Control.