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What is planning compliance?

Our planning enforcement team investigates, and takes the appropriate action, where there are unauthorised works. This can be building work that should have had planning permission, or where the permission has not been complied with.

What is a breach of planning control?

  • Building works that should have received planning permission
  • Unauthorised changes of use of land or buildings
  • Works that deviate from the approved plans
  • Unauthorised advertisements
  • Unauthorised work to a listed building
  • Unauthorised work to any protected trees

What is not a breach of planning control?

The following are common issues that are not covered by planning compliance:

  • Land ownership disputes or trespass issues
  • Breach of covenants imposed on a property
  • Obstruction of a highway or public right of way
  • Parking of vehicles on the highway or on grass verges
  • Parking caravans on residential driveways
  • Dangerous structures

Is planning consent needed or has it been granted?

Some alterations to houses do not need planning permission. Please check the planning portal to see if the work could be ‘permitted development’.

It may be that planning permission has been granted for the work or use being undertaken. Please visit the public access system to check this.