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Current Fees

  • LLC1 Form – No charge
  • CON29 Form – £138.00
  • CON29O Form enquiries 4 to 20 – £24.00
  • CON29O Form enquiry 21 – £12.00
  • CON29O Form enquiry 22 – £36.00
  • Extra parcel of land – £18.00 for each additional property or separate parcel of land

Please note: All CON29 fees are inclusive of VAT

Search Turnaround

Upon receipt of a valid search application the search will begin and generally takes 10 – 15 working days.  Turnaround times are for guidance only and cannot be guaranteed.  They are based on the processing times for basic search applications only, i.e. the LLC1 and CON29.  It can take longer to process search applications which include CON29’O’ questions but every effort is made to return all searches within 15 working days.