Transfer applications

Consent Form

The current licence holder must complete and sign a consent form that confirms they are happy to transfer the premises licence. If the form is completed by hand and sent in the post, this document must be the original and not a copy. If you are unable to obtain this form because you cannot contact the existing licence holder you should contact this office before submitting your application.


You must include the prescribed fee.

What happens next

As soon as we receive your application, we will check to ensure that the application is valid and has been submitted to the police

If we identify a problem

If there is a minor problem with the application, we may contact you for further information or may return the application to you for correction. Where there is a fundamental error, the application may be rejected.

Objections by the police

If you apply to transfer an existing premises licence and the police have concerns about crime and disorder, they may object to the application (within 14 days). In such cases we will contact you. If you wish to proceed with the application we will hold a hearing of the council’s licensing committee to decide on the application

If no objections are received

We will send the transferred licence to you.

How long does it take to transfer a licence

We aim to process transfer applications within 28 days of receipt (or sooner if the police raise no objection). However, you can ask that your application takes immediate effect from the date that we receive it by ticking the appropriate box on the application form.