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Affordable housing development

The council uses the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) definition of affordable housing which can be found in the glossary here: National Planning Policy Framework

The definition includes Affordable Housing for Rent and Affordable Home Ownership options.

Working in partnership

The council no longer owns its own social housing stock. All of our housing stock was transferred to the ownership of Bromford Housing (formerly Severn Vale Housing) in 1998.

We now work in partnership with a number of housing associations (known as Registered Providers), developers, land owners and Homes England to develop new affordable homes in our borough.

In response to the unmet housing need in the borough in both rural and urban areas, Tewkesbury Borough Council is investigating innovative ways of providing new affordable homes through the following mechanisms that seek to maximise affordable housing opportunities in the borough:

Alongside engaging in these important partnerships, Tewkesbury Borough Council is able to support development projects financially using commuted sums generated from previously delivered sites. The funds are made available to help Registered Providers deliver affordable housing across the borough.

Gloucestershire Rural Housing Partnership

The Gloucestershire Rural Housing Partnership (GRHP) was created to develop affordable homes in small rural communities.

The partnership helps to fund a rural housing enabler who works with parish councils, landowners and affordable housing providers to create opportunities to develop new affordable homes in rural areas.

Members of the partnership include:

  • Local authorities – Cotswold District Council, Forest of Dean District Council, Stroud District Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council.
  • Housing associations (Registered Providers) working within Gloucestershire.
  • Gloucestershire Rural Community Council (GRCC)

Over 200 new rural affordable homes have been delivered in the county by the GRHP since it was formed in 2001.