Paying for parking has become easier and more convenient in Tewkesbury Borough Council’s car parks following the installation of new, flexible payment meters.

New parking meter installed at Back Lane car park in Winchcombe

The new meters, which have been fitted in 10 council-run car parks across Tewkesbury and Winchcombe, will give residents and visitors the flexibility to pay with either contactless methods, such as cards and mobile phones, or with cash.

As well as offering more convenience for users, the majority of the new meters are powered by solar energy, which helps the council fulfil its commitment to environmental sustainability. The meters also transmit data back to the council about car park usage and alerts officers to any faults, ensuring that repairs can be carried out promptly and maintenance visits are reduced.

The council also will continue to accept payments through its RingGo service, which was first launched in March, 2016. RingGo allows users to pay by calling or using its app and reduces the risk of over-running with its text alert function. It also has the option to top up on-the-go, leaving more time to spend browsing local high streets. The RingGo service has proved a huge success, with 40% car park users opting to pay by this method.

Councillor Robert Vines, Tewkesbury Borough Council’s lead member for finance and asset management, said: “We are becoming an increasingly cashless society, and according to national data, the majority of people now prefer to make payments using contactless methods. It therefore makes sense to replace the existing ticket machines in all our car parks with more up-to-date technology. As we can now offer the choice of cash or contactless on our meters and by phone, we hope that residents and visitors will find paying for parking an easier and more flexible experience.”

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