I was really thrilled and honoured to be chosen as Mayor of Tewkesbury Borough; it is a totally unexpected privilege. I’ve been in post for about a month now and the days have gone by in a whirl.

One particular highlight so far was speaking in Tewkesbury Abbey during my Mayor Making ceremony.  The acoustics and resonances in the Abbey building are absolutely wonderful. And many thanks for the warm welcome offered by Tewkesbury Abbey staff. I would also offer congratulations to the students of Tewkesbury School who provided musical interludes – they were brilliant!

During the ceremony, I announced that my chosen charity for the year would be the food banks in the borough. It saddens me to think that there are people in need of such support, but it is vital that we continue to provide it. I know there are several independent food banks in Tewkesbury borough, and I want to help them all. So, if you are involved with any of our food banks, please do get in touch.

Since being invested as Mayor, I have chaired a meeting of full Council (one of my main responsibilities) and attended a get together in Watson Hall in Tewkesbury – this was a gathering for a cup of tea and a chat as well as a little dancing. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting lots of interesting people and hearing the amazing stories and experiences that everyone had to tell.

So far, I have not attended many events, but I have really enjoyed chatting to people from across the borough. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming, and so eager to share their life experiences.  It makes me realise what a great privilege it is to live in this borough.

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