Tewkesbury Borough Council has approved a budget for 2023/24, keeping its council tax rate as one of the lowest in the country. 

On Tuesday, 21 February, council members agreed a budget of £11,300,458. This includes an increase in council tax of £5 per year for a Band D property.   

This increase, from £134.36 to £139.36 for a Band D property, means that the average Band D householder in Tewkesbury Borough will pay less than £2.70 per week to benefit from essential services the borough council delivers.  

Councillor Robert Vines, lead member for finance and asset management, said: “I’m delighted that we have once again been able to set a council tax increase which, for the average Band D property, equates to less than 10p per week, whilst maintaining the quality of the essential services we provide. 

“Working within today’s financial climate has been difficult, but we have met this challenge head on. It must be remembered that we, the borough council, receive only a small part of householders’ total council tax payments, but we continue to provide exceptional value for money. Throughout the coming financial year, households will on average pay us less than £2.70 a week to have bins emptied, benefits paid, fly tips cleared, food premises inspected, planning applications considered and much more.”