Tewkesbury Borough Council has approved a budget for 2022/23, once again keeping its council tax rate as one of the lowest in the country. 

On Tuesday, 22 February, council members agreed a budget of £9,821,535 which includes an increase in council tax of £5 per year for a Band D property.   

This increase – from £129.36 to £134.36 for a Band D property – will mean that vital public services in Tewkesbury Borough, including: waste and recycling collections; planning services; housing; benefits; elections; environmental health; tourism and much more, can be delivered at a cost to the average Band D homeowner of less than £2.60 per week. 

Councillor Robert Vines, lead member for finance and asset management, said: “I’m extremely pleased that we have been able to set a council tax increase of just £5 per year for a band D property, which is less than 10p a week, without in any way sacrificing the quality of the services the council provides. 

“We have continued to adapt to work within a tough financial landscape and we are proud to be able to deliver excellent value for money for council tax payers. What is often forgotten, is that as a borough council we actually only receive a small share of the total amount on householders’ council tax bills. For the next 12 months, on average households will pay us less than £2.60 a week to have bins emptied, elections run, benefits paid, food premises inspected, fly tips cleaned up, planning applications determined and many more essential services delivered.”