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Heritage Centre

Tewkesbury Heritage Centre

History and Heritage

This superbly restored 17th Century building (once a shop selling hats) is home to our innovative heritage centre. Using our state of the art portable guides and interactive games you can get a taste of our fascinating local history and discover our beautiful architectural heritage. A wander through this charming building will take you from Tewkesbury's earliest settlers, through the Wars of the Roses, the Civil War and the industrial revolution and into the present day.

The heritage centre is perfect for families, day visitors, groups or educational trips as well as architecture, history and restoration enthusiasts.

Restored to its Former Glory

Out of the Hat is an exquisite example of a 17th Century home and shop. After painstaking restoration, this lovely building will take your breath away as a stroll through the airy rooms allows you to slip back through time and gaze out at the town as life goes on around you.

Restoration techniques are a mystery to many of us, but a visit to our painted room will explain the delicate process behind the conservation of these hidden works of art.

Interactive Fun and Games

Using one of our media players, you will meet Mr Bartholomew Read (who used to live here in the 17th Century), who will introduce you to his own life and times. The guides are included in the ticket price, packed full of useful information, and are easy and fun to use.

During your visit you can also have a go at embossing a medieval coat of arms with our embossing machine or play battle top trumps - see who will win from your group. You can try on hats and helmets and dress up in medieval outfits - all great fun for the kids and adults too.

There are also discovery sheets, trails and activity workshops taking place throughout the year - see our latest events in the events section.