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Assessment of Land Availability

Assessment of Housing Requirements

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Joint Core Strategy Settlement Audit

The Needs of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople

Self-build and Custom-build Homes

Affordable Housing

Assessment of Land Availability

We carry out assessments of the suitability of land for a variety of uses including housing, employment and Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople. These help us to understand the amount and type of development we can deliver through the development plan.

To inform these assessments we carry out a 'call for sites' on an annual basis and accept submissions until 31 March each year. If you know of any sites which may be suitable for future development, please submit details of them to the Planning Policy Team. All submissions received before 31 March 2016 will be included in the 2015/16 update. To be included in the next update, please submit your proposals by 31 March 2016.

Submissions should be made using the downloadable form below (paper copies are available on request) and supporting information can also be sent in. All submissions must be accompanied by a map showing the boundaries of the site. Please be aware that not all sites we receive will be considered appropriate to be included within future planning policy documents. This is particularly the case where a site is small or constrained by local issues such as flood risk.

word icon Assessment of Land Availability site submissions pro-forma [153kb]

All submissions should be sent to the Planning Policy Team either:

by email: or

by post: Planning Policy, Tewkesbury Borough Council, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury, GL20 5TT

The Interim Update to the 2013/14 Assessment of Land Availability is available to download below.  This document corrects the previous 2013/14 report published in February 2015.  A schedule of the changes is available in Appendix 8 below. Potential Gypsy, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople sites are currently being considered by the Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Search Assessment and the findings will be published separately.

2013/14 Assessment of Land Availability Report & Appendix 1- Methodology

Appendix 2 - Accessibility Maps

Appendix 3 - Submitted Sites Pro-forma

Appendix 4 - Submitted Sites Maps

Appendix 5 - Identified Sites Pro-forma

Appendix 6 - Identified Sites Maps

Appendix 7 - Residential Sites Phasing

Appendix 8 - Schedule of Changes

Excel workbook

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Assessment of Housing Requirements

Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners Study 2012

Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners (NLP) was appointed by the three JCS councils to undertake an independent assessment of housing requirements for the JCS area.

The key purpose of this study was to provide further evidence to support the emerging JCS by:

1. Verifying the approach that has been undertaken to date in respect of the Local Projections and Household estimates and the translation of these figures to dwelling requirements

2. Reviewing the representations that have been made in respect of housing requirement matters and providing commentary and advice on the ways in which these might impact upon the assessment of market and affordable housing requirements.

3. Demonstrating the housing requirements for the overall JCS area, at an individual local authority area level, and for the Cheltenham and Gloucester Wider Policy Area.

4. Providing a clear understanding of the impact of the National Planning Policy Framework upon housing requirements for the JCS area.

pdf icon Assessment of housing requirements [1Mb]

pdf icon Assessment of housing requirements (appendices) [2Mb]

pdf icon Assessment of housing requirements (executive summary) [406kb]

Further work

Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research Review 2013

To support the earlier work above, Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research (CCHPR) supported by NLP were asked to review the housing numbers and their alignment with economic forecasts, as well as incorporate the latest census data.

Below is the report from CCHPR and NLP's addendum to their original report.

pdf icon CCGHR Household Projections report [1Mb]

pdf icon NLP Assessment of Housing Needs addendum [1Mb]

As a conclusion to these reports, in the draft JCS, the level of objectively assessed need was established as in the range of 33,200 to 37,400 dwellings. The draft JCS therefore set a requirement of 33,200 new homes in the plan period to 2031.

Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research Update March 2014

To further support the work undertaken in assessing the housing requirements of the JCS area, CCHPR were asked to review the data.

The conclusion of this work advises that the 'partial return to trend' scenario would continue to represent a reasonable central case for establishing the level of objectively assessed need, but that there are two credible alternative options. The JCS authorities consider that, as a result of this latest advice, the most credible option focuses on a partial return to trend to enable the 25 to 34 year old age group to form households; this would imply an objectively assessed need of 30,500 dwellings.

pdf icon Supplementary Report on Alternative Options March 2014 [842kb]

Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research Update June 2014 

The Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research were asked to advise the JCS authorities on the implications of the Office for National Statistics population projections published on 29 May 2014. A letter and presentation given to the JCS Members Steering Group can be downloaded here:

pdf icon Implications of the Latest Population Projections for the Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy [104kb]

pdf icon Associated presention to JCS Members Steering Group [461kb]

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Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) 2014

In 2013 the Gloucestershire authorities appointed consultants to update both the previous Strategic Housing Market Assessment in Gloucestershire (published in 2009) and the Housing Needs Assessment across the County undertaken in 2009 (finalised in 2010). The Update was required to inform the prospective development plans being produced in several authorities within the County and to ensure compliance with the NPPF.

pdf icon Gloucestershire SHMA 2014 [2Mb]

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Joint Core Strategy Settlement Audit 2015

The Settlement Audit reports on a study to audit the services within, and access to settlements within the JCS area and thereby achieve clarity on each settlement's role within the study area. The settlement audit was originally published in 2011 and updated in 2013 with a subsequent correction published in September 2014 to correct some factual inaccuracies.  The refreshed audit, published in July 2015, builds on the work of the earlier findings and to present a more up to date picture of the services and facilities available within each settlement.  Following publication of the audit,  two factual inaccuracies were corrected via an addendum published at the end of July 2015.  The results of this revised audit helps inform a detailed hierarchy based on each settlement's level of service provision and accessibility. In turn, this forms part of the evidence base that helps to inform where new development may be directed by the JCS and the Tewkesbury Borough Plan - encouraging close proximity of housing, jobs and services in pursuit of sustainable development.

A settlement's position within the hierarchy does not mean that development is appropriate and deliverable, or that it is to be avoided. Other factors must be considered such as environmental constraints, available development sites and local character. This audit must therefore be viewed within the context of the wider JCS evidence base.

2015 Settlement Audit Refresh

Publication Tables

Further detail on the JCS evidence base is available on the JCS website.

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The Needs of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople

Gloucestershire Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment 2013

The six Gloucestershire district councils (Gloucestershire Local Authorities), with support from the County Council, commissioned the consultants Opinion Research Services (ORS) and Peter Brett Associates to undertake a 'Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment'.

The report was published in October 2013 and can be downloaded here:

pdf icon GTAA 2013 [8Mb]

pdf icon GTAA 2013 Executive Summary [415kb]

The purpose of the study is to provide evidence to enable the authorities to consider the accommodation needs of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople (GTTS) in their area and to guide the development of a strategy identifying how their needs will be met.

The study involved an extensive household survey with members of the GTTS community and stakeholder engagement with officers and Members from the Gloucestershire Local Authorities, the County Council and neighbouring Local Authorities. The main objectives were to identify the Countywide and Local Authority requirements for GTTS accommodation up to 2031 in five year periods from 2013 to inform the emerging local plans. The study also looked at whether provision over these periods should be on public or private sites, and whether or not authorities should plan for the provision of transit sites or emergency stopping places. The consultants also identified and provide guidance in the report on broad locations for future site searches.

This report is now part of the evidence base that is informing the preparation of the Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and Gloucester 'Joint Core Strategy' (JCS) and the 'Tewkesbury Borough Plan'. Pitch and plot targets, for 'Gypsies and Travellers' and 'Travelling Showpeople' respectively have been included in JCS policy.

Tewkesbury Borough Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Search Assessment 2015

DLP Planning Ltd were appointed by Tewkesbury Borough Council to undertake a 'Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Search Assessment'. The study considered the availability and suitability of parcels of land to meet the additional accommodation requirements for Tewkesbury Borough, for the period of the emerging Local Development Plan to 2031, identified in the 2013 Opinion Research Services Needs Assessment (Gloucestershire Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Needs Assessment referred to as the GTAA).

The assessment has now been completed and the report produced by DLP Planning Ltd can be viewed here:

Final Report July 2015

Appendix A Site Location Plans

Appendix B Part 1 Assessment Matrix

Appendix C Rejected Sites List

Appendix D Sites with Potential Beyond the Green Belt

Appendix E Sites with Potential Within the Green Belt

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Self-Build and Custom Build Homes

Self-build can offer an alternative to traditional home ownership and an opportunity to own a sustainable and high quality designed home. Whilst recognising that self-build and custom-build homes may not be appropriate in all areas, Tewkesbury Borough Council is committed to supporting both affordable and market housing and is working to make it easier for more people to build their own home. More information on self-building can be viewed here.

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Affordable Housing SPG (Adopted August 2005)

Supplementary Planning Guidance on affordable housing was adopted by Tewkesbury Borough Council in August 2005 and updated in November 2006.

A copy of the Affordable Housing SPG is available here.

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